2011 Sunday Early Points Series

2011 Sunday Early Points: Series Administration

Series Introduction

The Spring Ealry Points Series runs on Sunday mornings from February 27th through to April 10th.

Spring has sprung. Start time 10:30 in Western Solent

Series Documentation

The series documentation is available for download right here, from this very page.

Notice Of Race v1.0 (2011_Dinghy_ NOR_ v1.0) >>

Sailing Instructions v1.5 (2011_Dinghy_Standard_ SI_v1.5.pdf) >>

Amendment To Sailing Instructions No 1 (Temp Mark Substitution) >>

Notice To Competitors No 2 (Temporary Mark Substitution) >>

Competitors are reminded that they must complete and sign the LTSC Contact Sailing Experience Form and return it to the Sailing Secretary before participating in a race and must also sign on before starting a race and sign off when returning ashore – failure to do so may result in being scored as DSQ.

Any compeditor under the age of 18 at the start of the series must complete a Lymington Town Sailing Club Parental disclaimer before racing.

There is a signing on and off procedure, the signing on/off sheet is in ithe corridor to the changing rooms.

Please check for any changes to sailing instructions signalled with signal flags D over L on club flag pole on the lawn

The approximate location of marks are detailed on Western Solent Combined clubs mark locations

2010_western_solent_race_marks_chartlet_1_128x112 2010_western_solent_race_marks_chartlet_2_128x90

Parental Disclaimer Form (2011_Parental_disclaimer_v2.0.pdf) >>

Sailing Experience Form (2011_Contact_Sailing_Experience_Form_v1 0.pdf) >>

Combined Clubs River Marks (2011_02_16_river_chart.pdf) >>

Combined Clubs Solent marks (2011_02_16_solent_chart.pdf) >>

2011 Sunday Early Points Series: Results

Download the Sunday Early Points Series Results here >>

2011 Sunday Early Points Series: Race Report Race 7 (April 10th 2011)

Race 7 at LTSC – The Final Race of the Series 

The final race of the Sunday Early Point’s series attracted 27 dinghies, 9 in the fast fleet and 18 in the medium fleet. The tide was flooding and the wind was coming from the South East, reasonably steady at force 2-3. The Race Officer Keith Moody ably assisted by his wife Nicki were to set a course from Baverstock of Moveable, laid almost due SE of Baverstock, Black & Orange, Walbank, all marks to be left to port.

Both fleets were set the same course in case the wind suddenly died. The fast fleet were set 5 laps, and the medium fleet 4, although some of the medium fleet boats were finally shortened on 3.

The fast fleet was led by Luke & Emma McEwen in their RS 800. Richard Keeton also in an RS 800 (sailing single handed) stayed in contention for three quarters of the race before retiring. (DSQ was on the cards in any case). This allowed Peter Conway & Ginny Harvey in their International 14 into second place & Nigel Walbank in his Musto Skiff up into third place over the water. The Series leaders John Cooper & Becci Wigley in their RS 400 had a good start before being overhauled by the faster boats. This was not to be a problem though as they would again win on handicap by some 35 seconds from Pete Conway and Ginny Harvey. They were followed also on handicap by the RS 400 of Kevin Podger & Heather Chipperfield. 

2011_RS100_127_Richard_RussellThe medium fleet were dominated by the RS 100’s with all three sailing well, until Giles Chipperfield (8.4 rig) retired with a halyard problem. The race continued with David Gorringe (10.2 rig) leading from start to finish, from Richard Russell (7.4 rig). Giles’ retirement allowed Miles Mence in his Blaze to gain 3rd place from Leslie & Maddie Ross in their RS 200 over the water. When the corrected times were published though, David & Richard held onto their positions but Leslie & Maddie would sneak up one place into third. 

Overall Results after the final race in the series 

Fast Fleet

John Cooper & Becci Wigley RS 400 1st 6.3 pts

Peter Conway & Ginny Harvey / Tig Williams Int 14 2nd 18.0 pts

Geoff Havers & Jo Barriball 29er 3rd 43.8 pts


Medium Fleet

Richard Russell RS 100 1st 12.0 pts

Nick Fagan Blaze 2nd 15.0 pts

Tony Christopher & John Sims Wayfarer 3rd 26.9 pts

2011 Sunday Early Points Series: Race Report Race 6 (April 3rd 2011)

Race 6 at LTSC – Mayfly flying while the Blazes were Blazing


The Race Officer David Gorringe assisted by Peter Allen set the course from Baverstock for thefast fleet of : - Pennington port, Berthon port, Pylewell port, twice round. For the Medium fleet a course of Moveable port, Colten port, Walbank starboard, Black & Orange starboard, three times round was set. The weather conditions were favourable with a F 3-4 blowing from the South West.2011_Pete_Conway

In the fast fleet the Try 18 (Mayfly) of John Levell & Stephen Homewood powered away from the start followed by International 14 (Hairy Biscuits) of Peter Conway & Ginny Harvey. They were in turn followed by the Musto Skiff (Jigalong) of Nigel Walbank and the international canoe (Sunset) of Philip Lee.


With the tide flooding the preferred side of the course was offshore. This was to ensure Mayfly would stay in the lead. However, when the tide turned with the second lap and the preferred side of the course became inshore, Hairy Biscuits closed the gap. 

Although still some 2 minutes behind at the finish Peter & Ginny had done enough to snatch the win on Handicap. When the handicaps were applied though, Mayfly was further relegated to 4th place with Nigel and Philip both snatching places.

In the Medium fleet Miles Mence in his Blaze fired himself up the beat and stayed well clear until the finish. Nick Fagan in his Blaze battled past Gary Stone, also in a Blaze. 

The RS 100’s of Richard Russell and Giles Chipperfield were also doing battle in a close quarters situation until the wind increased, Giles Chipperfield with the bigger rig then pulled away & set his sights on the Blazes of Gary & Nick.

Although Giles passed both the Blazes of Gary & Nick on the water, it was not enough to snatch any positions from them on handicap.


Overall Results after the 6th race in the series


Fast Fleet

John Cooper & Becci Wigley RS 400 1st 5.3 pts

Geoff Havers & Jo Barriball 29er 2nd 13.3 pts

Peter Conway & Ginny Harvey / Tig Williams Int 14 3rd 16.0 pts


Medium Fleet

Nick Fagan Blaze 1st 7.0 pts

Richard Russell RS 100 2nd 10.0 pts

Tony Christopher & John Sims Wayfarer 2nd 18.7 pts



2011 Sunday Early Points Series: Race Report Race 5 (March 27th 2011)

Race 5 at LTSC – Ideal Conditions for Foiling


The Race Officer Robin Dent, assisted by Penny Dent, set the course for the 19 starters. The fast fleet were to sail a windward / leeward course, between a moveable buoy laid adjacent to Jack in the Basket, and the leeward mark of Pennington (Dunford), 4 times round. There were 4 starters.2011_FoilingMoth3795_PeterBarton

The Medium fleet were set, the same windward mark adjacent to Jack, West mark (Scott Bailey) port, Oxey (Colten) starboard, and Plus mark (BHG) to port 3 times round, there were 14 medium fleet starters. There was not too much tide and the wind remained F 2-3 ENE. 

10.30am saw the start of the fast fleet with Peter Barton in his Foiling Moth up on his foils and really flying. He was to lap two of the fast fleet boats before taking the line honours, now shortened to 3 laps, some 13 minutes ahead of Pete Conway & Tig Williams in their International 14. They were followed by Jon Heissig in his RS 600 who was again followed by John Cooper & Becci Wigley in their RS 400. This proved to be absolutely ideal conditions for foiling. When the handicaps were applied the only change would see John & Becci stealing 3rd spot from Jon.


At 10.35 the medium fleet were off with Dave Gorringe in his almost new RS 100 stealing the march on everyone. He was to remain in first place throughout, finally crossing the finish line 5 minutes ahead of the Tasar of Simon Ward & Sylvia Weger, who were 6 seconds ahead of Nick Fagan in his Blaze. When the handicaps were applied the result became Dave Gorringe 1st, Nick Fagan 2nd. Although Philip Gwyther in his Streaker crossed the line 12 minutes after Dave, it was enough to steal 3rd place.


Overall Results after the 5th race in the series


Fast Fleet

John Cooper & Becci Wigley RS 400 1st 6pts

Geoff Havers & Jo Barriball 29er 2nd 32pts

Peter Conway & Ginny Harvey / Tig Williams Int 14 3rd 35pts


Medium Fleet

Nick Fagan Blaze 1st 13pts

Tony Christopher & John Sims Wayfarer 2nd 18.7pts

Tim Power / Nigel Walbank & Toby Power Tasar 3rd 27pts


2011 Sunday Early Points Series: Race Report Race 4 (March 20th 2011)

John Cooper & Becci Wigley take Fast Fleet Line Honours again,
while Richard Russell also takes the Medium Fleet win again.

The Wind was SW force 2, at the time of the start the tide was just changing to the ebb. This caught  both the RS 400 of John Cooper and Becci Wigley and the International 14 of Peter Conway and Ginny Harvey out, pushing them over the line early, and both had to turn back to start correctly. Even so, having a long run into the tide, saw them leading the fast fleet on the water, half way through the first lap.


In the medium fleet of 17 boats, 5 were premature starters of which only the Tasers of Toby and Tim Power and Steve and Harry Boyd retuned to start correctly. Again the run against the tide was favouring the asymmetric dinghies and a very close race went on between the RS 100s of Richard Russell and Dave Gorringe who had just launched his new boat the day before. After the first lap they were still ducking each others transoms as they tacked up the beat.

With the wind remaining light and an ever increasing ebb tide both fleets were shortened to two laps. With the Int 14 pulling out with trapeze problems, John Cooper and Becci Wigley enjoyed an easy victory in the fast fleet from Keith and Julie Willis in an Osprey followed by Rebecca & Justin Hannam in their RS 500. Whilst in the medium fleet the RS 100s took both the line honours and the handicap win with Richard Russell 1st & David Gorringe 2nd,  the asymmetric sailed Stratos of Mike Beggs and Vicki Lean came in 3rd.


Overall Results after the 4th race in the series


Fast Fleet
John Cooper & Becci Wigley            RS 400           1st     4pts
Geoff Havers & Jo Barriball              29er                2nd    6pts
David Gautier                                    Contender      3rd     20pts


Medium Fleet
Richard Russell                                 RS 100           1st      5pts
Tony Christopher & John Sims          Wayfarer         2nd    10.5pts
Nick Fagan                                         Blaze              3rd     11pts

2011 Sunday Early Points Series: Race Report Race 3 (March 13th 2011)

John Cooper & Becci Wigley take Fast Fleet Line Honours,
while Richard Russell Powers to Medium Fleet Victory.

The early points 3 race on Sunday was held in sunshine with a light NW wind. Contrary to the weather forecast which predicted cyclonic wind-shifts, the wind held to a steady 7 knots from the North West. This gave the 23 competitors a tricky race as there was a strong flood tide and tactics could gain or lose places very quickly.


Mike Beggs the race officer ably assisted by Nick Heissig, set the course of:- Fast Fleet, Moveable (port), + mark (port) & Colten (port). The Medium Fleet were set a course of:- Moveable (port), Walbank (port) & Colten (port). The Fast Fleet were to finish on 4 laps & the medium fleet 3.

In the Fast fleet, Peter Conway and Ginny Harvey in their International 14 gained the lead when John Levell and Steve Homewood in Mayfly, got in irons while tacking at the windward mark. Later Levell got the trimaran flying again and regained the lead, but could not save his handicap.

Meanwhile John Cooper and Becky Wigley were keeping well in touch in their RS 400 and gained the win on handicap from Pete Conway & Ginny Harvey, closely followed by Geoff Havers & Jo Barriball in their 29er.

In the Medium Fleet, Gary Stones in his Blaze established a good lead but lost it by following the fast fleet towards the wrong mark, letting Nick Fagan sneak his Blaze ahead. Although Nigel Walbank & Toby Power in their Tasar had moved up into 2nd place over the water, it was not enough to stop Richard Russell powering away in his RS100 to take line honours and handicap win from Nick Fagan, followed by Gary Stones.

After the 3rd race in the series the overall results become:

Fast Fleet
John Cooper & Becci Wigley          RS 400            1st    3pts
Geoff Havers & Jo Barriball            29er                 2nd   4pts
Tig Williams                                    RS 600            3rd    7pts

Medium Fleet
Richard Russell                              RS 100            1st    3pts
Tony Christopher & John Sims       Wayfarer          2nd    4pts
Nigel Walbank & Toby Power         Tasar               3rd    5pts

2011 Sunday Early Points Series: Race Report Race 2 (March 6th 2011)

The second race of the Sunday early points series was sailed on Sunday 6th March. The Race Officer John Levell set the course for both the Fast fleet and the Medium fleet boats of; Jack in the Basket (port), Black & Orange (port) & Plus mark. It was to be three times round for the Fast fleet & twice round for the Medium fleet boats.

5 starters came to the line in the Fast fleet and 4 Medium. The wind was in the East North East Force 4 ish, wind over tide.

10.30 came and it was Geoff Havers & Richard Keeton first off in their 29er in the fast fleet with Tig Williams in his RS 600 starting on Starboard, the rest of the Fast fleet starting on Port. By the end of the first beat the 29er had reached Jack in the Basket first with the RS 600 2nd followed by the RS 800 of Richard Lilley & Jules Thomas and the RS 400 of John Cooper & Becci Wigley.

On reaching Plus Mark and after a bit of confusion over the direction to the next mark from Black & Orange, the order had changed to RS 400, RS 600, RS 800 with the 29er trailing. On the second beat to Jack in the Basket, all 4 boats passed through the line within 20 seconds and the order had changed once again to RS 800, RS 600, RS 400, followed by the Laser 4000 of Mike and Ben Baker. At Jack in the Basket the next time round, the order had changed yet again to RS 600, 29er, RS 800, RS 400.  The Laser 4000 capsized at the line and the 29er capsized just before the line.

The final order became RS 800 1st , 29er 2nd , RS 600 3rd , RS 400 4th, but when the handicaps were applied the final Fast result became:

Geoff Havers & Richard Keeton (29er) 1st, John Cooper & Becci Wigley (RS 400) 2nd, Tig Williams (RS 600) 3rd & Richard Lilley & Jules Thomas 4th.

While this excitement had been happening, the Medium fleet had started off at 10.35, with the Tasar of Nigel Walbank & Toby Power hitting the line and tearing off towards Jack in the Basket like a scalded cat. They pulled out quite some lead on the rest of the fleet. The Wayfarers were in close company with a bit of match racing going on. David Smethurst & Sandy Reid-Peters in their Wayfarer were ahead of Tony Christopher & John Sims also in a Wayfarer at Plus mark, but Tony and John managed to sneak back into 2nd place before rounding Jack in the Basket.

When they reached the finish line, Nigel & Toby were approx 7 minutes in the lead while the Wayfarers were still battling it out. There was only 1 second separating the Wayfarers at the finish.

Applying the handicaps did not affect the finishing positions this time with the final Medium results being:

Nigel Walbank & Toby Power (Tasar) 1st, Tony Christopher & John Sims (Wayfarer) 2nd, David Smethurst & Sandy Reid-Peters 3rd .


2011 Sunday Early Points Series: Race Report Race 1 (Feb 27 2011)

Race 1

The first race of the Sunday early points series was sailed Sunday 27th February. It was the first race of 2011 to be run from the LTSC’s permanently moored Committee boat ‘Baverstock’ in the Western Solent. The Race Officer John Sims set the course for both the Fast fleet and the Medium fleet boats.

6 starters came to the line in the Fast fleet and 13 Medium. The wind was in the South West and quickly rose from an average of 10 knots into the high teens with gusts of 20 knots+.

2011 Sunday Early Point; Nick Fagan

By the end of the first lap for the Fast Fleet, Andy Heissig was in the lead in his RS 600 from John Cooper & Becci Wigley in their RS 400. By this time 2 fast boats had retired along with one late starter.


In the Medium fleet, Mike Beggs and Vicki Leen were over the line at the start in their Laser Stratos and the first lap saw a further retirement. By the end of the first lap, Nigel Walbank sailing an RS Vareo was in the lead over the water, with Richard Russell RS 100 and Stewart Watson Blaze, hot on his heels.

In the Fast fleet, lap 2 saw yet another retirement and the race finished for them with Andy taking line honours from John & Becci. This was still the case after the handicaps had been applied.


The final lap of the Medium fleet race saw Richard Russell taking the lead from Nigel Walbank and Nick Fagan in his Blaze overtaking Stewart Watson.


When the handicaps were applied to these boats, Nick Fagan took 1st place from Nigel Walbank 2nd & Richard Russell 3rd.