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Our friendly Club Book Group welcomes all members who wish to enjoy a social discussion on a book chosen, on a meeting-by-meeting basis, from a wide range of modern fiction. 

We spend an enjoyable afternoon listening to the interesting and varied responses on our latest read and choosing the next novel.

We meet in the Martineau Room on a Wednesday at 2pm approximately every 6 weeks. Many members arrive early to enjoy a sociable lunch in the Solent Room prior to the meeting.  


Dates for 2023 are as follows: 25th January, 8th March, 19th April, 31st May, 12th July, 23rd August, 4th October, 15th November and 13th December following a Christmas lunch!

Come along and join this friendly fun group. The title of the chosen book from each meeting will be shown on the Club newsletter. Contact for more information.

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