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Volunteer Roster

Volunteer here uses DutyMan

We have a range of dinghy events, both club and open events.  The club events are racing on Sundays throughout the year, Wednesday evening racing when it is light enough and Saturday Sailing from April to October.  The Open Events are in the summer. 

For the Club to be able to provide these activities for members, we rely on volunteer support to crew the safety boats, for all sessions, as well as to be Race Officers and Saturday Supervisors. We welcome volunteers from both the dinghy sailing and keelboat fraternity.  Many of you have a great deal of experience, in both sailing and handling powerboats, and participating in these club activities is a good way to meet more members as well as helping the club to run smoothly.  Beginners are welcome, particularly as RIB Crews and Assistant Race Officers.  For more information contact the office at  We encourage you to volunteer to support your Club’s activities.

Everyone who has a boat in the Dinghy should must up for duties.  I addition the Club believes that everyone who participates in dinghy sailing, whether it is racing, cruising, training or organised free sailing must do a number of volunteer sessions in order to support the activities.

Club or Open?

Most volunteers are needed for club events and that should be the priority when you are volunteering. 


We create a list of volunteers for each Open Event often based on fleets sharing the responsibility.  You may volunteer for Open Events here but your role may be re-aligned to fit with the event requirements.

The exception is the Lymington Dinghy Regatta.  Here we need volunteers to sign up because there is no specific class involvement.

How to select duties

The duties for the year are in Dutyman so you can choose which dates you would like to do.  We suggest that you select 4 sessions per year.  Dinghy sailors who participate on most weekends and on Wednesdays should select a couple more.

The PDFs that you get when you click on the "See Club Duties" button and the "See Open Duties" button above show the duties that need to be filled.  It will be updated regularly to show the unfilled duties.

Enter your selected duties directly into DutyMan.  Select the date and duty required and click the volunteer button.

If you are not already in DutyMan please contact us on and we will add you.

Dinghy sailors who do not select any sessions will be allocated duties.

Guidelines for selecting sessions

Choose a session in an activity in which you normally participate.  If these are all full then feel free to select any other.

If your session has already been allocated, we will propose an alternative date.

Dinghy sailors should select 4 sessions per year.  If you participate on most weekends and Wednesdays then you should select a couple of additional sessions.

We have to ensure that the team on any day is balanced.  If we need to rearrange to get the correct mix of skills and experience we will contact you.

Race Officers

You should be a qualified Race Officer to select this.  If you are not recognised as such here at LTSC but wish to be, please to discuss where next.  Note:  Race Officers on Baverstock will be required to drive a RIB and provide backup safety support.  

If all Race Officer sessions are taken then please select a RIB duty!

RIB Captains

The RIB 1 Helm will automatically be assigned as RIB Captain.  If you are not recognised as a RIB Captain please either select a different RIB or contact the office on to discuss the oppurtunities.

Tractor Drivers

Where possible, it is good to have one of the RIB helm or Crew as tractor driver.  If you are a driver and one is not yet allocated, please volunteer for the tractor duty too. 

RIB Crew & ARO

Very often the Race Officers and RIB Helms will have assigned the Assistant Race Officer or RIB Crew that they normally work with.  If there is an RO specified but no ARO or a RIB Helm with no crew then that session can be filled.  If there are empty sessions on the days that you require then select one of these.  There is no formal qualification for either role.  If you want more information please contact the office at

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