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On the first Friday of every month there’s a great opportunity for you to test your knowledge with our monthly Quiz. Please note we take a break over the summer, so there are no quiz nights in June, July and August.

You can make up teams of eight, but we will always try and find you a space if you come whatever your numbers. It’s a great opportunity to meet your friends or meet new ones especially if you are new to the club. You can invite 2 friends or family who are not members to join providing you have a team of 8, although the six visits a year rule does apply here.

Some popular quiz events, such as the Christmas quiz, may be restricted to members only as they can get very busy. There is a very small charge to cover the cost of prizes and the people on the door are always ready to help you find a table or another team to join!

The evening kicks off with supper from the galley for those who want it from around 6pm and the quiz properly starts around 7.30pm. We advise booking tables prior to the quiz and we do have a maximum of 9 tables in the Solent Room. We can accommodate an overflow of 2 tables into the Martineau Room at no charge.

The format of the evening involves the table tops, 4 rounds before a drinks break and four rounds after. The grand finale being the points tot up. Prizes for the winner and runner up (although, by tradition, the runner up does have to share the sweets with the rest of the room!)

Even better if you ever fancied being a Quizmaster we would love to hear from you! Some people have done it regularly and would like to pass the baton on to new blood! It really isn’t that daunting a task, you just have to be prepared for a bit of heckling from the audience!

Come and give it a try…….

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