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Saturday Sailing takes place on most Saturdays from late March to the end of October. The exact dates are shown in the events calendar and also in this list. For 2023 the first day is the 15th April the last is the 30th September. This list identifies the days where there are special events, for example Dinghy Cruises, Bart's Bash and the Club Regatta.

The sailing is supervised with both a Saturday Sailing Supervisor to determine and oversee the days activities and RIBs to assist with safety.

The activities are in two basic forms:-

  • Simple racing to introduce members to dinghy racing in a low key environment.

  • Relaxed, but supervised  sailing in the local marshes and Western Solent.

Club boats are available and some club members will need people to sail with.  The Supervisor will assist in ensuring that everybody gets afloat.

Club boats can be booked by members for Saturday sailing through the Vision Club in the normal way.

Full details of what the club does for you and what you commit to in return is in the Saturday Sailing Charter.

Saturday Sailing
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