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Thank you for booking with us...

Thank you for your booking with Lymington Town Sailing Club Watersports Centre. 

What happens on the day? The course will be led by an RYA Approved Instructor who will brief you, show you how to perform tasks and will monitor your performance and provide feedback on how you are doing. Please do not be shy about asking questions. The instructor is primarily there to assist your skills development and learning. Getting the boat equipped, launched, recovered, washed down and put away is a key part of courses. Students are expected to deal with this, with the appropriate guidance.

The Instructor will give you a briefing on the programme and timings for the day. Thereafter, we aim to spend as much time as possible on the water, returning ashore for a break of approx. 1 hour for lunch. The afternoon session will conclude at around 16:00hrs followed by packing up the boats and a final briefing.

All courses have a certain element of theory, which will be completed either in the training room, outside the club or on the water.

All Courses

  • Please arrive at the LTSC training centre 10 minutes before your session is due to start.

  • Lunches – a packed lunch can be brought or lunches are available to be purchased from the Kitchen at the Club.

  • Please also note that pay and display car parking is in operation in the public car park opposite the club.

What is needed:-

               • A waterproof top is essential, a low cost one is adequate and waterproof trousers if you have them. Suitable non-slip                                     footwear, we suggest wet suit boots or plimsolls/trainers.

               • Sun cream

               • Sun Glasses

               • Sailing hat or cap (suggest attached to line to tie to buoyancy aid).

               • Buoyancy Aid, if you have one, otherwise you must use one of ours.

               • Packed lunch or lunch can be purchased from the Kitchen at the Club.

Additional Information

Dinghy Sailing

  • A Completed booking form links below – this will needed to be returned to the Club on the day or via email.               Adult form                                                                                                                                                                                   Junior form

  • What you wear on the water is very weather dependant. 

  • You must wear some warm, suitable clothes and some close-toed shoes. We advise everyone to wear wetsuits (5mm or more in the winter, as well as gloves and a hat) and wetsuit boots, as well as a waterproof, wind-proof top (Spray top or raincoat).

  • In the summer you are allowed to wear your own clothes, just keep in mind you do need to be willing to get wet while you are sailing.

Power Boating

  • Our powerboat sessions are mostly water based with a small amount of classroom time. We advise everyone to bring full waterproofs, including footwear and some spare warm clothes. 

  • The Solent can be colder than you anticipate (especially in the wind), so bring more than you think, and it can always be stored on board while you are learning. 

  • A passport photograph for your certificate.

Land Sessions

  • Our land sessions are held mostly in our training rooms and occasionally outdoors on a nice warm day, so just wear clothes that you are comfortable in. 

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