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Started in 2014, the Radio Controlled Yachting band of enthusiasts have got together on a regular basis ever since. They have chosen to use the Dragon Force 65 yacht, which sails as a restricted class within the RG65 Class rules, and provides exciting sailing with the minimum of cost. The group currently race on a pond at Pinetops Nurseries, Lymington.

Membership of the group is open to members of LTSC, Royal Lymington, West Solent sailing clubs with reciprocal membership, visiting MYA members and others by invitation. Additionally, participants are required to be members of the MYA (Model Yacht Association) to provide the required insurance cover. Currently this amounts to £14 pa and is arranged through LTSC.

We operate a winter and summer program and while in most instances this is based on informal racing, once a month however we plan to run a Championship series. Attendance is flexible and dependant on the weather and/or our ‘real’ sailing activities!

If you are interested, please contact us on, we can usually rustle up a spare boat, or someone will let you have a go. So come and give us a try (you don’t need to be an MYA member at this stage).

Winter 2023 Programme, commencing on the 1st November, Tuesday and Saturday afternoons, meeting at 14.00.

Summer 2024 programme commences on the 1st May, details to be confirmed.

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