The club uses Dutyman to manage the large number of members required to run dinghy racing and Saturday sailing. 

These comprise Race Officer, Assistant Race Officer, Safety Boat Helm and Crew and the Tractor Driver.

Please log into Dutyman to  see the latest amendments to the rosters and to confirm attendance of your duties.

If you have forgotten your user name or password you can click on "Click here for a login reminder" button below the Dutyman signon fields .

Click to download a simple overview of Dutyman and how to use it.

If you are unable to do your duty please arrange a swap.  This can be done in Dutyman.  The instructions are on the righthand side of the Dutyman screen.  Only swap with someone with the same qualifications. The office will only arrange a swap for you in an emergency.


The club provides training in all these roles as well as making manuals available.  

The manuals are in the members section of the website under documentation, club manuals.

You can login in here.